Our portfolio

Public Consultation and Engagement Professionals

For consultation and engagement specialists, based on a question set developed by The Consultation Institute



Research Staff Audit

Ideal for University staff.  Based on the Institute for Academic Development checklist

Governing Body Audit

Ideal for governors, trustees and clerks.  Based on question set by the National Governors’ Association

Digital Competency

Audit digital skills from cyber security to web management.  Based on government digital standards.

Occupational Health

Designed for Occupational Health professionals, based on the ACPOHE framework

Service Desk Professionals

Audit for service desk professionals coming soon

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

We can create bespoke audits for your sector based on any competency/skills framework

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Track progress over time

Our system can be set-up to track progress over time by allowing participants to update and submit their answers from our simple, personalised login.  Performance managers can track improvements and variations in real-time.

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